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Modular Homes in Portland

Portland, Maine is a very inviting, and vibrant city with a diverse reputation.With a population of over 64,000*, there can be a lot of housing options available for you. If you're considering building a house in Portland and want to be more knowledgeable about modular homes, there are several manufacturers that are available to give you the ideal home for your wants and needs.  The following are a few facts regarding some of the companies that you need to research.

Nearly thirty years ago in 1977, Palm Harbor Modular Home Co. was founded with the dream to generate a high quality product in a mostly substandard market. More than 25 years later down the road, the approach has proven to be an excellent one, and Palm Harbor Homes has emerged as an authority in modular and factory built houses and homes. Now, their elegantly built custom made homes can actually be constructed to almost any code and specification in almost any area. Joining the customs of both on and off site building, their patented SmartPlus system awards the productivity of factory built homes in the past and the superior quality and freedom of traditional site builds to match virtually any budget or design inclination. A company which is centered on the higher quality of their merchandise, Palm Harbor is devoted to providing home buyers in Portland, Maine More home for your money.

With a serious goal to be the very best in the business, Fleetwood is committed to both the business of building homes and to its customers. Launched more than half a century ago, Fleetwood Home Company is intently reconstructing the factory built home industry applying the very best building materials and giving unparalleled service. No matter if it is higher quality lumber goods, roofing materials or floor coverings, house buyers are going to find the most entrusted and recognized names are used to construct their residence. With the best backed guarantee in the business, Fleetwood hopes to reduce just about any burden that is a part of purchasing a home within Portland, Maine, carrying out a Total Quality Management approach to the business. Endlessly desiring to achieve better quality houses and homes that can be adapted to the wants and needs of people throughout the United States.

Starting foremost with wonderful modular home plans, Champion Homes have sold more than 1.6 million homes in their fifty+ year history, which is more than any other housebuilder. Crafted by multiple distinctive housebuilders in a nationwide network of facilities with a strong degree of quality management, Homes by Champion are sold in the United States and areas of Canada in just about 2,500 retail places. They truly are committed to providing the very best purchasing experience for their growing client base with mindful, accomplished and effective service. With a desire to be a leader in an always fluctuating industry by providing extraordinary quality, range and a favorable home buying experience, Champion Modular Home Co. have a expansive range of home features at economic price ranges.

A national factory built home company, Clayton Homes offers a liberal range of houses and homes to fit the desires of nearly any homes buyer. As the number 1 retailer of factory built homes and houses, they build, market, finance, lease, and provide insurance for houses using a number of manufacturers that include Schult, Oakwood Homes, Marlette, Crest, Golden West Homes, Karsten, and their own Clayton factory produced homes brand. Building homes for nearly 75 years, Clayton was chosen as manufacturer of the year 6 sequential years by business peers. They're committed to providing consumers with the best things that modular homes can offer, and they feature first-rate floor plans. Working nationwide in almost every state in the country, regardless of the brand name or floor plan, Clayton Homes is eager to make their customer's dreams of a house come true. Clayton is increasing their coverage more places on a regular basis, inquire to see if Portland, Maine is one of those regions.

A preeminent producer of factory built and modular family houses and homes for almost a half a century, Nationwide Homes keeps up a distinction for value, project flexibility and inventiveness. Nationwide Home Co. has got five factories in order to render the best of the best house buying and building experiences in the D.C. area and eleven additional states, like Virgina, North Carolina, West Virgina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida and Kentucky.

Mobile homes are going to be as modest or as extravagant as home buyers would like, and with price variances to match.  With 9 million plus growing families living right now in manufactured or mobile housing, the industry is opening up constantly.  Know the basics.  Do your homework and be ready.  In that way, you can bypass traps like aggressive sales people, bad home financing and lower appreciation values that so many manufactured and mobile home owners unfortunately run into all too often. Your dream is to own a home. We want that wish to be as meaningful and wonderful as you deserve the experience to be.

Based on the place where you are going to build a home in Maine, it is certainly good practice to check on the availability of each modular home builder in that area.

A subsidiary of Champion Homes, Silvercrest Homes and houses are produced with you, the customer in mind. Made available in 12 states in the west such as Nevada, Wyoming and California, Silvercrest Homes is eager to make a custom house real for their clients.

Still a family business, Patriot Homes prides itself in using only the very best in building homes with firm construction and very classic plans. They're devoted to furnishing service to their customers worthy of the progressing need for their houses, and are steadfastly engaged in elevating market standards along with making it easier for more and more families to have homes in The United States. Patriot modular homes and houses are designed with growing households in mind, and want to offer protected, well manufactured, trendy houses to their clients.

Skyline Homes is unwaveringly wanting to know their consumers and potential customers, and are creating homes that reflect that knowledge. Building a huge range of manufactured homes with several prices and fashions, skyline wants to become the solution to home builder's needs. With 16 facilities, all of which having an area focal point, Skyline modular homes give value and updated style plans to fit nearly anyone searching for an affordable home.


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